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The last day of the school year for students in grades K - 11 is June 8, 2017.  Graduation for the Class of 2017 will be June 7, 2017.

Special Subjects

The Library

The purpose of the Library Program is to serve as a support to the curriculum, to establish and coordinate resources and instruction for students, to develop skills necessary for effective research and information management so as to further students educational progress, leisure time activities and to maximize the potential for life long learning. To help with this effort the library has over 16,000 books, a student computer lab and maintains an open hour from 8:00am until 3:30pm, Monday through Thursday. 
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Art Department

The Art program recognizes the aspirations, needs of students, and seeks to continue the understanding about the arts which were instilled at the elementary level, in a manner relevant to this changing physical, social and intellectual development.
This program also provides for greater conceptual awareness by means of first-hand participation as well as opportunity for open-ended discussion.

The art program recognizes the importance of inter-disciplinary correlation.

Finally, the Middle School Art Program gives the student numerous opportunities to be creative, original and explorative through varied action-oriented projects, which continue to develop greater appreciation for understanding of the principles and the elements of art.

Art Curriculum

  • 6th Grade
    The sixth grade course provides hands-on experiences for students to apply the Elements and Principles of Art to produce original work.
  • 7th Grade
    The seventh grade art program strengthens the student’s confidence in their ability to successfully apply the Elements and Principles of Art and Design to creative experiences. The students improve upon the skills and techniques needed to communicate original ideas in visual form.
  • 8th Grade
    The eighth grade art program strives to have students value their personal ideas, symbols and subject matter while encouraging refinement of the skills and the techniques learned in the past grades.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Drawing and Painting club, Pottery club.
  • Beverly Hills Annual Art Show, which highlights the students from Beverly Hills Middle School, in the spring.
  • Arts Gala is district wide at the High School in the spring, which highlights all the students from around the Upper Darby School District: Elementary, Middle and High School.


Music Department

The Music Department consists of choral and instrumental groups. General Chorus is for all sixth, seventh and eighth grade students who wish to participate. From this group students are permitted to audition for Choralations. This group is composed of 75 talented students. Once a student becomes a member of Choralations, they may then audition for the two select groups: Girls Ensemble and Select Singers. The Girls Ensemble is comprised of 40 girls and the Select Singers is a small mixed ensemble of 24 voices.

Our Instrumental Department is comprised of the Marching Band, Sixth Grade Band, Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands, the Orchestra and the Jazz Band. Any student may play in the band after meeting with the Director. In order to perform in the Jazz Band, students must audition.

The Music Department rehearses in a large ensemble setting before school and through small sectional rehearsals during the school day. The Music Department gives the annual Winter Concert in December and a separate Spring Concert. Different ensembles from Beverly Hills Middle school can be seen at the annual Gala given by the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center each January, local retirement homes, annual holiday parades, festivals and our own Jazz and Choral festivals. Many of the performing Ensembles have received First Place trophies and the highest rating of Superior at local competitions and Festivals.



Foreign Language

Students have the opportunity to study either Spanish or French.  They learn various topics that focus on their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

6th Grade: Students will study Spanish or French for one semester and then switch to the other language in the second semester. This is an exploratory program meant to expose the students to a new language.

7th Grade: Students will begin their studies of the language they chose at the conclusion of the 6th Grade program.  The students learn various cultural, grammar and vocabulary topics.

8th Grade: Students will continue their studies from 7th Grade and expand on the previous years' topics. At the conclusion of 8th Grade, students will have completed a Beginning Level course in Spanish or French.

Spanish students use the textbook, Paso a Paso A, and French students use the textbook, Discovering French Noveau 1A.


Computer Science Department

The computer science department at Beverly Hills Middle School is part of the Upper Darby School District Business and Computer Information Systems (BCIS) department. Computer Science provides students in all grade levels with an introduction to computer science and software programs. The students experience a hands-on approach to learning by using state of the art equipment including Mac Computers, Interactive White Boards, Scanners, Digital Cameras, Printers and more. Student produce various projects with the use of many different software programs. Students are introduced to the Microsoft Office Suite, Inspiration, Google Docs and more. These courses also provide knowledge of digital etiquette, Internet safety, career exploration, as well as the history and uses of other hardware and software.


Technology Department

The Technology department classrooms are design-based so that each student, step-by-step, can recognize their vision from an idea to a tangible reality. This is done by incorporating elements of the Technological Design Loop. The 6th Grade students curriculum focuses on Engineering.

The 7th Grade curriculum focuses on Aeronautics. Finally, the 8th Grade curriculum focuses on Communications.


Math Intervention

The Math Intervention Department uses a collaborative team approach to support the Math Core Curriculum needs of the students at Beverly Hills Middle School. The focus of the math intervention curriculum is the development and reinforcement of grade level math skills used in the math core curriculum.


Health and Physical Education Department

The theme of our health and physical education programs is to introduce students to vital health concepts and provide opportunities to practice health skills that can lead to health-enhancing behaviors.  This is accomplished my making real life connections using health skills activities to reinforce lesson content and teach valuable health skills at the same time.  The essential health skills that are addressed are assessing information, stress management, conflict resolution, analyzing influences, communication, practicing healthy behaviors, refusal skills, decision making, goal setting, and advocacy.  Emphasis is also placed on developing and maintaining personal fitness. A goal of these courses is to increase participation in physical activity, so that students can adopt a more active life style, and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses.  The program meets the National and Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education Standards.

Physical Education Curriculum Includes:

Sports Skills
Basketball, football, volleyball, team handball, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, softball.

Dance- a variety of line dances.

Fitness Activities
Track, Fitness Circuit, Monitoring heart rate, fitness room, fitness testing.

Cooperative games, outdoor challenge initiatives, indoor rock wall, small group challenges.

Large Group Games
Matt ball, tail tag, scooter games, star wars, king ball, continuous tag, the blob.

Dress code
Sixth and seventh grade students are required to wear the mandatory physical education uniform.  Eight grade students are required to wear athletic shorts and t-shirts.  All students must wear sneakers to participate.

Health Curriculum Includes:

6th Grade Health
Nutrition, physical activity, personal health, body systems, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

7th Grade Health
Building healthy relationships, alcohol and substance abuse, growing and Changing, communicable diseases.

8th Grade Heath
Mental and emotional health, physical activity and fitness, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

Special Events:

Marine fitness competition
Jump for heart and hoops for heart (winter and spring)
Community speakers-UD police department, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, UDHS-Teens Against Tobacco Use

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